Skincare is an international company that develops and manufactures professional skin care products. Its products are available in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, South America and Asia. More than 5,000 companies and more than 7 million professionals in various fields trust its solutions.

We had to find an opportunity for Skincare to enter the B2C market, in other words, to start selling products not to industrial enterprises, but to ordinary consumers. In order to accomplish this task, the client chose three products: a protective hand cream, a regenerative moisturizer and a cleansing scrub paste.

We started developing the brand with research. In the process, we discovered that there is no culture of consumption of these products in Russia, but there is a common household need that our product can cover - the need to protect hands of women from water and chemicals. This problem is especially disturbing for young mothers, who often have to come into contact with water and cleaning agents. These women became the core of our target audience.

After successfully testing the hypothesis, we decided to develop a separate brand for the product. At first, the client came to us with the task of bringing the already existing Riza brand to the B2C market, but we found out that this brand is not suitable for the new target audience. We had a separate case with Riza rebranding for professional niches, and this was a completely different story.

We conducted a series of interviews to research a new audience and collected the information necessary for brand design. For example, we identified several similar insights:


We just had to use the data wisely. Thus, as a response to the audience's request, we formed the key idea of the future brand:


The word "innovative" was chosen for a reason: our products not only help fight the consequences of harmful effects, but also prevent them without risk to the skin.

We formed its platform based on the brand's key idea.


Innovative skin health care system.

Brand values:

Professionalism, health, safety, care, trust.


Discuss the importance of skin care and protection.

Brand style and intonation:

Innovative, trusting, positive, bright.

Brand essence:

Skin health care.

Another important element of a brand is its metaphor. The key idea organically flowed from the comparison of the client's products with a security that protects the skin from danger.

Smart home security system

After a detailed study of the strategy, we moved on to verbal and visual communications. We started with the name - Skinity. It is associated with the category of the product and at the same time has an innovative character. It is easy to read and pronounce, which means it will be easy for consumers to remember. And it is free to register all over the world - this is important for the brand to enter the international market.

The global positioning slogan "Activate skin protection with one push" connects us to the brand's metaphor.

We drew an analogy with gadgets during the development of corporate identity, analyzed the designs of modern devices and transferred this idea to our packaging.

Particular attention was paid to the development of the tactile properties of the packaging, combined with a soft file and a glossy texture.

The packaging stands out on the shelf and has a strong brand block that helps set it apart from the competitive environment.

The logo looks minimalist and at the same time relevant. It is easy to read and does not detract from the main design element - the button with the letter S, which metaphorically activates the protection of the skin.

The concept was adapted to two starting product formats: a tube and a dispenser.

Then we developed a communication strategy for the new brand.

We created all the materials necessary for communications and promotions, and also prepared as many as five flyers for the advertising campaign.

The client was satisfied: he received all the tools necessary to launch the product on the market, as well as a step-by-step plan for building communication with the consumer for years to come.

And we are grateful to him for another cool case that we can put in our piggy bank!


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