Rebranding of an IT company


Naumen is a fast-growth Russian IT company. Its offices are located in five countries, and more than 200 million users in Russia, Europe and Asia are in contact with its products. The company has grown from a small startup in Yekaterinburg into a strong international vendor, but its positioning has become very outdated without a timely update.
Naumen leaders came to us at Opencore with a task to rebrand the company’s B2B brand. Interestingly, rebranding should affect not only verbal and visual communications, but also the corporate brand strategy.

We conducted a number of studies before turning to statistics and communications:
Started by analyzing the old Naumen brand and identifying its weaknesses.
Then conducted a series of in-depth interviews with the target audience and additionally talked with more than a dozen real Naumen customers.

At the same time, conducted interviews with company employees to understand how they saw the brand and how they felt about its values.
Finally, immersed into the study of the IT market: we analyzed the communications of the main players and competitors and assessed the role position of Naumen in this market.
You can read more about the research and findings from this case here.

After studying the employees, consumers and competitors of the company, we easily moved on to the development of a new platform and brand communications. Here’s what we got!

The metaphor of Naumen is an «innovative transport of the future».
Business digitalization using Naumen products is a trip on modern, comfortable transport (for example, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop).
The level of digitalization to which the customer aspires is the station to which he comfortably goes, and the Naumen team makes this trip «to the future» pleasant and easy.
The employees of Naumen are professionals who will comfortably deliver the client «to the future» and will help pass the way of digital transformation quickly and comfortably with a personal approach to each client.

The metaphor of Naumen
Innovative transport of the future

We developed the slogan, which is based on the designed strategy and brand metaphor and would convey the main value proposition.
Global positioning slogan: Bringing the digital future closer.

Together with the client’s project team, we decided to keep the recognizable logo, so we just finalized its style and tried to get away from associations with the NASA logo. In addition to the logo itself, we also updated the corporate orange color, its shade became more saturated and bright.

We developed a flexible and easy-to-use system to identify individual products of the company. The products will be clearly readable and will not violate the overall design system irrespective of the task and carrier.

Naumen employees generate large amount of business documentation and presentations every day. We created the unified stylistics of brand pictography to ease this process and increase the recognition of materials. Naumen internal design department successfully scales the style and creates all the necessary pictograms due to simple and clear rules.

The idea of ​​the new corporate graphics is a movement into the future. The lines symbolize the digital paths that our clients' businesses take during their digital transformation. The orderliness of the lines indicates the reliability and accuracy of the process.

Signature graphics also work well with photo images due to the effect with graphics, which seems to flow around the key element of the image.

All the principles and elements of corporate identity are easily adapted to various media carriers. For ease of use, we prepared modular grid templates that can be used on various media carriers.

We developed 4 master files with branded graphics in total, which are easily adapted to formats of various proportions and varying degrees of information loading.

Elements of corporate identity can be easily and concisely fit into any interior.

We have packaged the brand strategy and corporate identity rules into a native brand book, due to which each Naumen employee will be able to understand the mission and values ​​of the company, and learn how to work with customers in order to maintain a single brand image.

This is how we rethought the positioning and BIG IDEA of Naumen and helped the brand to become relevant, and communications to match the image and scale of the company. The visual language turned out to be concise and expressive, allowing the company to noticeably stand out from the competition.


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