We need to create big and complex strategies not for every project. Sometimes a client already has a good base, and he comes to us to solve specific business problems.

This is about our cooperation with the Russian tour operator Carlson Tourism. The company decided to launch a car rental service worldwide and asked us to develop a corporate identity for a new project. A name has already been chosen for the service - KTcars.

We did not have the opportunity to conduct qualitative research of the audience and competitors in this project. Therefore, we began work with a desk research of the product category and a strategic session with the client's team slightly changing the usual order.

We learned from the results of the study and the session that there are three key values ​​in the car rental category that should be emphasized: transparency, reliability and trust. In order to convey these values ​​to the target audience, we formulated a metaphor for the future brand - a transport partner.

In the process of developing the logo, we kept our metaphor in mind and illustrated it through the combination of the main meanings - partnership and car. This resulted in the most simple and recognizable symbol that is strongly associated with the product category. It openly transmits brand values and reflects the importance of a trusting and transparent relationship between the service and the client.

We chose two category colors for corporate identity: black and yellow, which are already used by well-known car companies like Sixt or Hertz. Consumers will subconsciously associate our new KTcars brand with trusted European companies through our color scheme.

We chose a grotesque font to write the logo — sans-serif and with the same line thickness. The entire corporate identity turned out to be just as concise and simple and easily fit on different types of media.

Most of the corporate identity media were designed in a minimalistic way - with the help of colored plates, logo and text. This design is noticeable and recognizable even from afar, but it does not tire the eye.

The favorite “feature” of the project was the use of the KTcars typewriter at the end of key messages.

We offered the customer media options in different languages looking a few steps ahead. The brand will be presented in several countries, so it is important that the design fits into the required formats in any case.

We paid great attention to the design of parking lots during the creation of brand communications, because European car rental companies are usually located not far from parking lots.

Small details are important in every business, because through them customers most often come into contact with the company. Branded key rings for car keys are very inconspicuous, but important detail.

Or, for example, business cards and bonus cards that always catch your eye when you open a cardholder or wallet.

The sign and logo of KTcars are so versatile that they can be easily adapted for use as a corporate graphic or pattern.

Thus, we have developed an intuitive design system (with a limited set of studies) that reflects the values of the company that are important to the audience and conveys the right clear message. The brand received a bright accent sign and a complete set of basic corporate identity carriers, which can be easily expanded in the future due to the simplicity of the system.


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