It is given:
digital product, which combines the functions of a messenger and a scheduler and automates the routine process of transferring tasks from one to another;
two owners who perceive the product from different angles, but want to create a single new brand for it.

Tasks: synchronize the client’s team, find the brand role in the highly competitive market of digital products, formulate positioning and unique advantages to introduce the brand at the market, develop the MVP concept.

As a result of studying the input data, we outlined directions for further work:
1. We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with the client’s team and found out what the essence of the disagreements between the owners is and how they can come to a common vision of the project.
2. We identified key market players and analyzed them. It allowed us to see a view of the market in order to determine the target audience of the brand, formulate meanings and translate them into a visual plane.
3. Analyzed the target audience of the product. It turned out that the audience is like ourselves: a young independent micro-team of creative, open-minded and enthusiastic professionals. Therefore, we decided not to involve third-party respondents for research, but applied our methodology of in-depth interviews on ourselves and compiled portraits of consumers.
You can read more about the research and our findings here.

After collecting and analyzing the research results, we were able to understand the desires of consumers and the capabilities of the client, and then to find their common ground.

People from client’s target audience noted several important things:
they would like to work in a team of like-minded professionals, where they can implement creative ideas;
they don’t like routine and standardization — it distracts them from the main thing and brings boredom;
they need a tool that keeps the entire team in sync and allows everyone to work in their own style.

We immediately understood how our brand would respond to this:
Freedom to be yourself.
We created a messenger+scheduler so that members of microteams could easily set up workflows. We help to solve creative problems in a team without losing individuality, choosing own rhythm, following freedom and inspiration.
The friendly and responsive interface makes it easy and quick to get started, minimizing routine and speeding up so you can focus on what matters most: new ideas and creativity.
The product helps the team to synchronize and be on the same page. The union of like-minded people provides further impetus and energy to turn dreams into reality.

Finally, we had everything that allowed us to move on to building the brand platform. Here’s what we got:
«TASK — MESSENGER for simple workflow and communication for young creative micro-teams» is a key position that must enter the minds of consumers.

The brand metaphor: Freestyle is a free style. Bright, modern, dynamic and variable.
Mission: bringing the talented ideas of young creative teams to life.

When we synchronized the brand image not only between all team members, but also with the needs of the target audience, it became clear that the old name Orchestra does not suit the product. After all, the Orchestra is a large and complex system that does not fit in with micro-teams, freedom and variability. Therefore, we came up with a new name — Frealy, which fully fit into the brand positioning and met the trends: short, capacious and easy to pronounce.

Frealy brand still has a lot of work to do: develop a strategy in its communications and convey its message to the TA. In the meantime, we wish the Frealy team to successfully break into the market, and of course we believe in its success!

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