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Let’s talk about the professional branding community We branding. This is a community on Facebook, which includes more than five thousand members: agencies, independent professionals and representatives of companies from different sectors of the economy.
We helped to carry out rebranding for this project. The update strategy and naming were developed by the community team (also not without our participation), and based on this we were engaged in visual communications. In our opinion, it turned out bright and incredibly stylish, now we bring it to your judgment :)

We branding brings together, through its platform, representatives from agencies and from the client side — strategists, creators, marketers and brand managers, that is, all those who directly work in the field of branding and marketing. This is a place where professionals can relax, share news, discuss projects and be honest about what they think about a given situation. Our agency is also part of this community, so the target audience of the project is as clear and familiar to us as possible.
The mission of We branding is to develop the branding industry in Russia and the CIS and popularize effective technologies and tools.
Brand values:
We chose the tone of communications based on knowledge about the audience, mission and values — light, with a sense of humor and even provocative in some places, but always competent and professional.

After updating the brand platform and developing a new name (the community was known as FAQ branding), we set about creating a new corporate identity.
From the very beginning, we understood that it was necessary to create a very recognizable and incredibly flexible design system that would allow to brand media quickly and easily in order to solve even the most atypical tasks.

We started with the development of the logo. The key graphic element was the bubble, which usually denotes the thoughts and statements of the participants in the discussion. In its lower part there is a letter «W», which creates a feeling of polyphony of opinions and statements. Thus, we emphasize the idea of communication of all community members on equal terms.

The corporate bubble is located not only in the logo. This is one of the key elements for media branding. It is very convenient to use on a variety of formats.

In addition, we created a corporate character — Welly. It can be funny, serious, and even provocative depending on the situation.
We were so into Welly that we were unstoppable. We have collected ideas for merch and its development for several years ahead.
We prepared a set of different characters and images for Welly in advance, so that in the process of work you could either choose something ready-made or combine a new version from existing elements.

Another interesting style option was We-glasses. They help to brand photos with people in one movement. Fast, simple and noticeable.

Why rebrand a regular Facebook group?
We branding has long outgrown the status of a «regular group». This is a real close-knit community with its own jokes, memes and most importantly people. And one of the goals of rebranding is to visually unite their participants, to show their belonging to the professional community.

In addition, We branding recently launched the We Trust project — a directory of trusted branding, creative and design contractors. This is a free service where you can select trusted performers for your tasks.

New specialists and agencies are constantly refreshing it, and the main selection criterion is professionalism and a good reputation. By the way, we meet these criteria, and now you can find our company in the We Trust directory. And you can immediately write to us directly, we are always open for new projects.


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