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New client came to us with an incredibly interesting task: to develop a brand for a pop-up store that sells art objects in the Business and Business+ segments.

We worked on the creation of the brand in several stages. As always, we started with consumer research and conducted series of in-depth interviews with representatives of the target audience. The results made it possible to understand who our buyer was, what he really wanted, what he was afraid of and which answer we could give to his request.

Then we studied the highly competitive market of contemporary art galleries. We found out where and with whom we would fight for the attention and loyalty of potential buyers, and made the most complete map of the competitive environment. After completing the research we sorted out all the information, which we needed to form the brand image and consumer experience. That’s how it was.

The main wishes of the target audience were concentrated on three concepts: renewal — inspiration — communication, and the request sounded like this:
«I am looking for a space with a modern approach and contemporary art objects. I need paintings that will serve as an interior update, a source of positive emotions and inspiration, a new impetus to internal renewal and motivation for new achievements. I definitely don’t need a junk shop. I want to talk to an expert consultant who listens, helps make decisions and doesn’t try to cash in on me.».

We prepared our brand’s response to this request:
«We have created a space, where you will always find up-to-date art objects and intellectual communication. Here we have collected unique sources of inspiration that will give impetus to new ideas and positive emotions. We also understand how important service is. Our brand is a professional who will tactfully suggest, help you make a decision and easily support an intellectual conversation. As a graduate of a good Western college he combines restraint, good manners, self-esteem and high expertise in his field».

At this stage we met with the client again, finally decided on all the components of positioning and finally bursted out developing branding! Here’s what we got.

Title: online gallery Van Verden

Tagline: Art for inspiration

Brand metaphor: source and impetus to inspiration.

Brand positioning: a collection of unique sources of inspiration for connoisseurs of beauty and aesthetics.

Mission: to inspire and give impetus to rethink yourself and the world around you.

Brand style: minimalistic, abstract, with a touch of expressionism and conceptual art. A complex composition with moderate dynamics and contrast, striving for balance.

Communication style: premium, modern and with a sense of tact; conciseness, expertise and enthusiasm can be traced in communication.

Be sure to check out the gallery’s website — especially if you’re also looking for inspiration. And we will soon tell you how we did social networks for this project.

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