The international company Skincare contacted us at Opencore. It sells dermatological personal protective equipment on the B2B market under the Riza brand. Creams and pastes of the Riza brand save the hands of those who constantly come into contact with oil, soot, dirt, plaster and other harmful compounds in their work.

The brand has been trying to enter the B2C segment for years. People were delighted with the products when they tried them at exhibitions and markets: they willingly bought and wrote positive reviews. However, direct sales were few.

Our task was to develop an effective direct sales strategy.

We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with the target audience, studied the strategies of competitors and the foreign experience of brands that have strong and at the same time understandable communication. We found out that the target audience includes professionals from various fields, who are united by one thing - their hands are the main working tool for them.

In the research, we took into account the cultural code of the territories where it was planned to sell the product. We analyzed the consumer's path, his main motives and barriers to purchase and found an interesting point.

The main barrier to market entry was that men perceive skincare as a weakness they don't want to show to anyone. We decided to break this stereotype and explain to brutal professionals that hands are their working tool like a drill or a wrench.

During the development of the brand metaphor, we went further and drew an analogy with an expensive and high-quality tool. Thus, the metaphor was born: "Professional tool for skin protection."

Professional tool for skin protection

Based on positioning, we identified the main components of the brand platform.

Brand values:

Professionalism, diligence, perseverance, honesty.

Brand mission:

Protect the health of the people who support our society.

Style and intonation:

Simple, bright (primary colors), trusting, understandable.

Vision of the future:

Become an indispensable tool for people who work with their hands.

In the process of package development, we studied the designs of top brands associated with professional tools and came to the conclusion that our design should be as simple and technological as possible. It is important for the brand audience to immediately understand the essence and purpose of the product.

It should support and convey the idea that the consumer buys not just a cream, but a professional quality tool for work.

So we used a lot of silver and metal to make a reference to drills and wrenches again, which are usually made of steel and metal.

There was a problem in the previous packaging: it only had the name of the series like "Rizaderm" or "Rizaklin", but the consumer did not understand what kind of product it was and what exactly it was intended for. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we left only the brand name and additionally introduced color differentiation on the new packaging.

Then we finalized the logo: we cleaned it up and brought it close-up on the packaging. We made a block on the central part of the tube, which immediately answers the buyer's questions: what does this product do and what does it help.

We emphasized the general idea and made several concepts in the key promotional image.

We settled on special layouts of goods for communications in hardware stores. Since men do not have the habit of buying cream for themselves, this merchandising will allow them to make the purchase accompanying the usual “shopping basket” of our audience. In addition, we developed special cards, according to which each specialist can have discounts in professional stores.

Also in stores you can make racks with materials that are most often used in the work of builders, plasterers or auto mechanics. On such racks, anyone can try to clean their hands from pollution with the help of “Riza” products and in practice understand whether they suit him or not.

There were many communication attempts. For example, for the Odnoklassniki social network, we came up with an activation when you can throw dirt at another person’s avatar, and in order to clear it, you had to press the “use Riza” button.

As a result, the client received all the tools to bring the product to the consumer market and a clear communication strategy. If you want too, write to us at Opencore.


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