They have been carrying out large-scale work on scientific and technological development in Russia in the past few years. One of its main goals is to make scientific activity more attractive for talented young people and show them career prospects in their native country.
Opencore also took part in one of these development programs. As part of the national project «Science and Universities», we were tasked with the communication agency UP to develop an online test that would increase interest in science among a wide audience of users.

According to the customer’s requirements, the test should consist of two parts. The first is about general questions on popular science topics. The user will find out in which area of ​​science he can prove himself most successfully after answering these questions. Based on the results, questions are selected for the second part of the test, which allows you to dive deeper into a specific area.

At the end of the test the participant receives recommendations on which universities and scientific laboratories in Russia he can use and develop his knowledge. Here you can also go to the websites of recommended organizations or share the test results in social networks.

We had to fulfill all the requirements of the customer in terms of content, but at the same time make a test that would be interesting even for an audience far from science. We developed several unique creative concepts, one of which was subsequently approved by the client.
Metaphor: artificial intelligence

This concept sounds like this: the user, in the process of passing an online test, communicates with artificial intelligence, which asks various questions and analyzes the answers received. Artificial intelligence after a while learns enough information to tell the user in which area of ​​knowledge he is inclined to.

In order for the site with the test to capture the attention of users from the first second, we decided to make it fully animated. There is constant movement on the page, a reaction to mouse actions and no interference, while all the animations work without constant page reloading.

We visualized artificial intelligence in the form of a pulsating sphere consisting of tiny dots. The figure is constantly in motion and interacts with the user. For example, each answer option in the test corresponds to a certain icon, and after the user makes a choice, the sphere expands and takes the form of the corresponding icon.

Another interesting feature of this project is a generative algorithm that calculates and creates all the animation in real time. Thus, the site does not contain pre-recorded videos that start in a certain order. It allows the animation to quickly adjust to any actions and user responses.

As a result, we have a project with a very bright and dynamic website. An online science test could have been a boring Google form questionnaire, but with our approach the test received good coverage and sparked interest in the science field among students and schoolchildren. Here you can look at the result of our work and at the same time find out what kind of scientist you are.


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