Rosatom celebrated the 75th anniversary of the domestic nuclear industry in 2020. We have already shown how we created the visual system for the anniversary here, and today we will tell you about a non-standard offshoot of this project.

Branded Rosatom train ran along the Moscow Metro’s Koltsevaya Line in September, and we together with the partner agency N:OW were engaged in the branding of this train. Our task was to come up with and implement the external and internal design of the train in such a way that it would turn out stylish, recognizable and interesting to a wide audience. At the same time, the exposition was supposed to reflect the achievements of the domestic nuclear industry for all 75 years and lofty agenda.

We chose a relatively simple but highly elegant concept based on the visual elements we designed. The key message was set by the slogan of the anniversary - "Beat the clock", and the name for the train "Temporary Arrow" perfectly complemented it.

We already had a Suprematist style, colors, dynamic rectangles, but we had to greatly expand the identity. You can even say that most of it was done from scratch, but in compliance with the general concept. What this work takes with the restrictions on placing content on metro trains!

In order to organize information inside the train, we decided to mix facts from different periods of history throughout the train and devote future plans to the first carriage. So each passenger could touch all stages of the development of the nuclear industry in one trip.

There was also a “bonus” task to develop a design for a limited edition of the Troika travel card. 3,000 Troika cards with 75 free trips  were issued and were presented to the special guests of the first launch.

It’s clear: no matter how good your train is, people mostly use the subway in a utilitarian way. However, we still wanted to achieve continued communication with the brand, going beyond the subway. Thus, hashtags and QR codes appeared on the walls, which led to materials dedicated to the anniversary, and elements of augmented reality with famous nuclear objects and historical figures. We understood that not everyone would pay attention to this, but still we wanted to include special features for a young audience.

Of course, this project has become a real challenge for us. There are the features of the coordination processes with a very large company, the specifics of working with historical content, and of course the platform itself - a train in which it is important to take into account many nuances of geometry and surface features. In addition, the design of such a "serious" object, as a rule, means that not every idea can be brought to life.

But now we can safely call ourselves experts in branding large vehicles. It is difficult to overestimate the experience gained: it was not only incredibly interesting, but also informative - now we know the inner workings of such projects. If you are going to brand any large non-standard objects: trains, planes, even rockets, come to us at Opencore. We are ready for any challenge.


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