Touch is a development company implementing residential and commercial real estate projects in Russia.  Its new project is a business-class residential complex located in Moscow on Sosinskaya Street. The company asked us to create a strong and recognizable brand for this residential complex, which will be globally different from competitors in nearby areas.

At Opencore, we always start brand building with quality research. The results allow us to understand what meanings the brand should convey, how and why it should look like this. This project was no exception. Looking for answers we:

conducted the series of in-depth interviews with the target audience and drew up portraits of brand consumers;

studied the nearest competitors and their projects;

found the features of our residential complex, which would help to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Here you can learn more about the course of the study and the conclusions drawn.

One of the important research’s results was the formation of a clear request of the target audience and the brand's response: "A cozy, chamber business-class residential complex with good transport accessibility and location near the center - a balance of aesthetics, functionality, safety and comfort."

We chose light, calm visual style with free space between elements and simple lines without sharp corners to communicate with the target audience. A warm range of complex shades and a composition with low dynamics convey a state of intimacy and calm in the middle of a big city. There is a feeling of a higher-class LCD, approaching the premium segment in terms of level.

For the name, we were looking for a word consonant with the intonation of the brand and reflecting its character. This is how the residential complex CHAMPINE appeared. The name sounds soft and easy, while its first part refers to the intimacy of the complex (chamber), and the second - to the location on the  Sosinskaya (pine) street.

We rendered the CHAMPINE logo using geometric sans-serif. The Roman sans-serif type was softened with rounded corners of the letters. A noble golden-bronze shade was chosen as the main color, which is in harmony with the color of the facades and looks advantageous both on paper and on advertising media.

We raised upwards a horizontal stroke of the letter “A” and it received a special style – it symbolizes balance and associates with home. The perpendicularity of the lines and the clear visual rhythm of the logo look solid and concise.

The slogan of global positioning deserves special attention: “Fill life with comfort / functionality / aesthetics”. The dynamic slogan format allows to demonstrate all the benefits depending on the demand of consumers.

The repeating horizontal line has become a strong identity element of corporate identity. According to it, the brand is easily read from all media: booklets, business cards, signs and advertising screens.

We kept the visual image in the icons, which indicate the key advantages of the brand. The number of icons can be easily supplemented with new elements, if necessary.

The brand strategy and corporate identity rules were packaged into a native brand-book, so that every Touch employee or contractor would be able to understand what the Champine brand is about and how to work with it correctly.

Brand is not something ephemeral. It is a complex mix of images, ideas and theses about the company, which we can put in the head of potential customers. In order to make it real, Opencore has a lot of cool working tools.


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