Opencore loves non-standard tasks. And today we want to show not a new, but a very successful case of using the metaphor technique.

Prosam came to us at Opencore with a request to develop a strong consumer brand. In Russia, it is a key manufacturer of door locks with an average monthly production of 450,000 units. As a result of our cooperation, the brand received a new name Border, and how we got it - we will tell further.

We do not always conduct extensive research during brand development. We already had a case where we went from a key metaphor and developed brand communications based on it. In this project, we did the same.

First, we conducted in-depth interviews with the client's team. This tool made it possible to obtain all the knowledge about the audience of the product that employees had been accumulating for several years. Of course, it would be great to communicate with consumers too, but at Opencore we take into account not only the goals, but also the resources of the client and choose a strategy that will be effective for him.

After analyzing the collected information, we created a key metaphor according to which door locks are border guards. They guard families every day without a break. Each family for them is a small sovereign state, and the apartment is its territory.

This is how we came up with the new brand name Border. From the metaphor and the name, we naturally created the brand's slogan - "The border is locked."

For the logo, we chose a deliberately brutal and simple font. The logoblock with the slogan was made in the style of a single "monolith". It is as static as possible and inspires confidence.

The key graphic element consists of two symbols combination - mortise lock bolts and border graphics in the form of red and white lines. It refers to the brand metaphor.

We decided to use the parking barriers of supermarkets and car parks as a non-standard BTL communication channel. Every day they receive a huge traffic of people, and at least twice - at the entrance and exit - the consumer will have a point focused contact with the brand. The barriers themselves will only emphasize our metaphor.

The logo can be applied in almost any way and on any materials, including in one color. We thought it over on purpose so that the company could brand new products in the future.

The continuation of the metaphor is noticeable in the corporate style. We used white and red stripes at a 45° angle as one of the key identification elements.

This graphic technique makes the brand's design system even more versatile. Branded stripes help reveal a key metaphor and are suitable for use on media of any size.

As part of the project, we also developed the materials necessary for the operation of the company's offices: folders, diagrams and price lists.

In addition to the basic set of elements, we created a packaging design concept for Border products.

The new design looks great both on packaging and on custom shapes and sizes, like company cars and employee uniforms.

Among other things, we thought over the principles of office space design. We managed not only to preserve the recognizable style of the company, but also to create a comfortable working environment for employees.

Thus, we have an incredibly flexible and convenient design system, thanks to which the client will not have any difficulties in adapting the style to new tasks in the future.

Do you want the same? Write to us at Opencore, we will find the best solution for your brand.


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